I found Christo and Jean-Claude’s work completely captivating. Their concept revolves around the idea of ‘absence’, by covering something like a building or a coastline, subverting what you think of about the place and miking it seem more desirable.

The idea of their art is to reveal how absence can make objects and places seem more desirable. It is all about social architecture, and how we can take places for granted. There work consists of a lot of different outputs and live interaction. I found a video of the ‘Wrapped Coast’ that actually looks spectacular when completed. I can imagine the beauty of this piece would come from the plastic being manipulated by the coastal wind, making it  an ever changing piece of art that is altered by nature itself.

Wrapped Teichsstag – Christo and Jeanne-claude

Could I do this in the library?
How would peoples’ attitudes change to the books hidden behind paper?

I can imaging it too would be a developing piece of art, especially when ripped and moved by people finding their books.

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Posted: January 31st, 2013
Categories: Art installation, Early Research, Les dames des livres, Uncategorized, Video Research
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