Can You See Me Now?

From the ideas I’d already started to develop I was able to get a group of people on board to test some ideas out with me. My starting point has been to focus on being seen and the extremes we would have to go for the public to acknowledge us. To go further than this I also want to play around with the idea of the human librarian and the unreadable book and combining both I have created a starting point for experimentation. Referring back to Borges and the history of the library “it is true that the most ancient men, the first librarians, used a language quite different from the one we now speak”1 and to me this says that history plays an important part in my idea as we can present how language in todays time is so altered and so often used in comparison to the Library of Babel and how they only had twenty -three letters so to speak, excuse the pun, language was not so easily understood, even when written.


Abigail Perry, 07/02/2013


Abigail Perry, 07/02/2013


Abigail Perry, 07/02/2013

This experiment was good as a starter however I feel it lacked something and we could have done a lot more to play around with my ideas. We still have a long time before any solid ideas need to be down but I want to be as prepared as I can. Instead of holding plaque cards could we just instead be ourselves and try to watch everyone in the library, watching their body language, their actions, the conversations they have with one another. Effectively I want to be able to create a book, a book that is unreadable to most but understood by it’s writer/s because “In the vast Library there are no two identical books”2 and we could create a book that is impossible to copy. Would it be possible to create a diary or a log of every person that comes into the library and could there be people appointed around as ‘listeners’ almost ‘spying’ on everyone and see how they use the library.

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Posted: February 7th, 2013
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