What could we do in the library?

Our initial concept was based on the practical we were involved with during our Thursday session in the library. We were all involved in wearing wireless headphones and Wes directed us with live commands, “All look up”, “In five seconds I want you to all drop to the floor” and “go find a book”. It was incredibly beautiful when all grouped together and doing the same actions. It was aesthetically pleasing especially when the ‘audience’ (or the people who were just minding their own business in the library) couldn’t hear what we were listening to, so they did not know what was going to happen next. There was something eerily beautiful about seeing all these people following directions at the same time.

This reflected the work of Ducan Speakman’s ‘Subtlemobs’:

We went for a walk around the library to create ideas on what to base our performance on and where and from that we decided:


Emily Cox – Doodles on our ideas

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Posted: February 11th, 2013
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