Books to wear

Once we had decided on our dress idea we realised it was important to choose the right type of books for the outfit. We decided with the following:

Language books.
We decided we could all have the most common languages on our dresses, as everyone who reads what is on them should know at least one of them and understand it.

They are:  Chinese (Mandarin), English, Hindi-Urdu and Spanish.
Also when we would rip the dresses up and put them back together it reveals how all languages relate to each other as they all originated from the same place.


Where all the books on issues like deforestation, recycling and pollution.


Commenting on how we live in a consumer world and how fashion dictates a large portion of our lives so why not take the books on fashion and go against the normal trend by wearing the books as fashion.


Cyclical books
We wanted to reveal the cyclical nature of the Library of Babel.

Go in – take books out – come back – return them

Birth and death books, philosophy, the digestive system.
It also reveals the cyclical nature of our process, as we are resurrecting the life of books and creating something new.

We also acknowledged the fact that the style of dress would be dependant on the context and content of the book. For example if we were to choose the theme of women’s rights, we couldn’t have dresses that were too low cut, or could we in order to create controversy?
All of these ideas are areas we will expand and develop on to give our performance a true purpose.


All photos taken by myself in the University Library 2013

Word count: 285

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