Framing our peice

I initially began thinking about where we wanted to position ourselves down different isles as it would be incredibly striking and aesthetically pleasing, especially being all on one floor and next to each other as it would make it a more wholesome experience.


The grouping down one isle would look incredible if we were all in costume and it would work really well if we were in a specific isle that related to the content of what was on our dresses. The fact that we would be hidden away in one section of the entire library makes it seem more exciting, by the fact the audience would have to come and find us, or people would just happen to come across us. It would also be incredibly interesting to see how people would interact with us, especially if they needed a book down that particular isle. The only problem with this is that depending on the size of the gowns it would get very crowded, but it would have to be something to try once we have some prototypes.

What I loved about the middle isle formation was that it would be viewable from many different angles and isles. It would be incredibly dominating in the space and it would allow the dresses to make the massive impression they would have. It would also be something that more people would see as it is in between all the other isles, and it would mean there are more accessible points in place to view our piece and more angles to look at the dresses.


The fact that we would give ourselves some height would add massively to the experience of seeing the dresses. It gives a more imposing atmosphere to our presence in the library especially if we are touching upon a controversial subject. I love the fact that we could be the same height as the bookshelves as it would make us feel part of the architecture of the room.

All pictures by Emily Cox 2013.

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Posted: March 2nd, 2013
Categories: Early Research, Les dames des livres, Library, Marina Abramovic, Performance Art
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