‘Workshop is the active research phase of the performance process. Some artists use workshops to explore processes that will be useful in rehearsals’1 This week, we decided to experiment with how we use our senses more in hope it would prove useful for our final performance. In order to do so, we went to the silent floor of the library and started to play around with movement, imagery and different senses. Rebecca was blindfolded and would experiment solely with the use of touch, and sound or lack of it as she was blindfolded.¬†As you can see below, some beautiful images were created in this improvised piece. It makes me think how crucial the use of a strong image can be in provoking an audience response.

Key points from the experiment:

  1. Schechner, R. (2006) Performance Studies: An Introduction 2nd Edition Routledge: London. p233 []
Posted: March 3rd, 2013
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