Our first dress test

Monday..  how long it would take to make a paper dress?
Using: magazines brochures text books pins tape

Natasha volunteered to be our (brave) guinea pig.


As it turns out the dress took less than one hour to put together. Once Natasha had the dress on we placed her down the middle of the first floor isle. It looked completely stunning and looked beautiful amongst the books.


Whilst Natasha was in the isle we had a man approach us and commented on what we were doing. He thought we had created an art installation, believing that Natasha looked like a statue. He said that from an artists perception he thought we were “trying to make a feminist statement” but we had the wrong choice in paper content  purely because it was about consumerism as there were adverts on the dress and ‘half price’ pictures. We explained that this was a prototype and that the context of the pages were not relevant to the piece it was merely to try out the style. He warned us about making sure the content fits what we are trying to display as he mentioned an artistic eye will pick up on the smallest of things.

I asked the librarians on duty what they thought of the piece and they believed Natasha looked incredibly regal. They thought it was all about words coming to life, and it was peaceful which is in keeping with the library.

We had such a good time doing this, and our plan for Monday is to have 3 people in the dresses so that we can have a feel for what it is like.

 Photo’s by Emily Cox 2013

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Posted: March 5th, 2013
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