The Grain Escape’s first attempt

On Thursday the 14th March, my group came to the library with pre-made cakes of different varieties to test people’s reactions within the working environment when we offer them free food. Originally we stood in the empty space where we plan to set our pop up café but realised that we were not catching the attention of people passing by and we were not prepared with the right furniture and decorations to make our project appear more appealing. One or two people stopped for a cake on their way up the staircase but did not stop for a conversation.


By discovering this, we decided to move up to the first floor entrance and placed the food on a desk and sat behind. Our positioning may have given us some advantage by not seeming so intimidating because we found our small cake stall became much more popular. People stopped and asked “What’s the catch?” and we found ourselves replying that we wanted to make the library more communal and give visitors the chance to relax in such a tense environment.


We aim to cause the same effect as Hunt and Darton do in their pop-up cafe, which is to make everybody who comes to visit us realise what it means to be human. This may be by sharing stories about themselves and sparking meaningful conversations or exchanging opinions on a topic such as our Stan’s Cafe inspired factual display through the use of rice, which will be set at the entrance to the cafe. In my next blog I will discuss the inspiration of Stan’s Cafe in further detail and how it is beneficial for our final performance.


Video of ‘The Rice Show’ by Stan’s Cafe Theatre Company. Youtube upload: feettothefire.

We are now looking into how we can create an exciting and unique environment for our pop-up cafe to be as exclusive as possible. For instance, we will involve matching outfits (similar to Hunt and Darton and Lone Twin), well decorated tables and many aspects of a comforting, relaxed atmosphere so that all who enter feel like they are at home. Similaralso to Lone Twin, we will not advertise our performance before hand to portray a shocking and spontaneous effect. We are also thinking of ways to involve library users more in our creation so that our cafe shows a strong sense of individuality for each person within the library.

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Posted: March 28th, 2013
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