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It has been incredibly difficult to rein all my ideas into one concept for the background. I had been intrigued by Liliana Porter’s ‘Wrinkle Enviroment’,  Christo and Jeanne Claude’s Wrapped Coast and Olga Lah’s art installations involving paper.

Photo from: Artist: Olga Lah Installation: For The Land

Artist: Olga Lah Installation: For The Land

Lilliana Porter, Wrinkle Environment

I decided to combine both concepts using the technique of Porter’s sheet of paper to simplify attaching it to the shelves. I will be using books of Aristotle’s science and religious works together to form one large sheet which will cover the entire isle on one side. I will then be scoring and folding the paper from the top of the bookcases like Olga Lah’s ‘For the Land‘ installation to create a cascading organic form conveying the destruction the books are undergoing.

Photograph by Emily Cox 2013

Photograph by Emily Cox 2013

Initially I thought that I would only have paper on the metal sections of the shelves, but it would not have had as much of impact on the space. Now with the sheets of paper that I will attach, it will be layered in order to keep access to the books behind the paper. This way I will not cause any disruption to public accessing the sections we plan on occupying.

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Posted: April 22nd, 2013
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