The final touches


(Rim Petros, Friday 3rd May 2013, The Great Central Library)

Jane Lindon wrote an article describing the experience of visiting Jenny Lawson’s Bake Me A Cake. The article observes Lawson’s exhibition.  I have quoted Lindon’s opinion regarding the visual aspect of the cafe as she  notes, the cafe clearly “demonstrates the thinking and the doing; the theory and the practice; and, significantly, the meta-discursive nature and the multiple modes of knowledge drawn in through the research process.”
In terms of The Grain Escape and transferring the free space, our specification stated that: “We aim to make  the cafe visually enticing . But we also want the added detail to  represent the research we have undertaken over the weeks of developing our project.”
Below are the added detail that we included in the cafe’s end result that represent the devloping process of The Grain Esape.

The statistics  that we sourced from the library’s staff memeber, Lesley, were presented onto the blackboard positoned on the cake counter.

(Naomi Shaw, Friday 3rd May 2013, The Great Central Library

We placed a notice next to the tables that included the names of library users that told us their favourite cakes.


(Naomi Shaw, Friday 3rd May 2013, The Great Central Library)

The grain reprsented the research undertaken to find out the history of the building
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(Naomi Shaw, Friday 3rd May 2013, The Great Central Library)

The carved sign “The Grain Escape” symbolises labour and manufacturing through the physical exercution of carving the words out of the wood.
our utopia

 (Charlotte Mooney , Friday 3rd May 2013, Great Central Library Lincoln)


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