Our Utopia

 We decided to create a backdrop and label it as OUR UTOPIA. We would then ask the customers who ,we said, were working class to write what their utopia would be or one dream on the white board and have a picture. This corresponds to the notion that manual labour is hard and that often an indivdual’s dream is a source of escapism.
On refelection , and the end process of our cafe, we had angled the socio-political message towards class and industrializition in which lends itself towards Marxist concept of “class and the capatalist mode of production.” ( Strangleman  2009 p.812)

Below are example pictures taken from the day – (Photo images by Charlotte Mooney, Friday 3rd May 2013, Great Central Library Lincoln)

austrailiafranceteacher8less scary place

zoo keepercomfort

Halford, S, & Strangleman, T 2009, ‘In Search of the Sociology of Work: Past, Present and Future’, Sociology, 43, 5, p. 811, Publisher Provided Full Text Searching File, EBSCOhost, viewed 11 May 2013.

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