24 hours

How does lack of sleep affect you? What about being in the same building for a long period of time? How do you deal with stress?


Being awake for 24 hours is hard enough, but performing for that amount of time is out of this world. When doing this we knew that it was going to be very important to look after ourselves. This being the reason why we created our rotation system, were we swapped places every hour, meaning we were typing for and hour, walking for an hour and then on a break for the last hour. On our breaks it was very important that we made sure we had something to eat and drink, but not foods that would give us a high and then a massive fall. So we didn’t have energy drinks or two many sweets (or other foods that contain lots of sugars).


I personally tried to not sleep, as I felt that afterwards I would become more tired and would lose my energy. However I did have a 10 to 15 minute nap at 10 o’clock, this did help to give me that bit of energy that I was lacking. Keeping that in mind I didn’t sleep longer than 20 minutes as then I knew I would become too tired and would have found it difficult to wake up.


The 24 hours is hard, but with the right people it is doable. It was an experience that I will take with me forever.

Posted: May 13th, 2013
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