6. The Final Piece

The matter of where we performed the piece was something that required lots of discussion. We had to think about how we would be framed and unfortunately construction work had begun in the spot we originally wanted to perform so we had to think again. In a bit of a eureka moment, I found myself thinking that this wasn’t such a terrible thing because we were looking at the deconstruction of language in front of the construction of the new section of the library, tying together the present and the future.

We originally found our inspiration in the structure of the GCW Library itself, a place that has a very rigid structure in both the way it’s set out and the activities that take place in there. The floors are organised by noise level, on every floor the shelves are organised by subjects on every shelf the books are organised by the Dewey Decimal System. There are rules and regulations that you must follow while using the library. The standard procedure is people scanning themselves into the library in order to gain access to the book. Then they sit inside the library and read the pages between the cover.

We decided that we would do the opposite of this. By reading the covers of the books outside the library we are making them accessible to the public without them having to scan in and out of the library system and proving the books have more potential than to be just leafed through for quotes, like I discussed in my speech, “there are infinite ways of handling a book”.

This brings me onto the development of my section of the piece. Originally, I was going to be reading a list like Beth, Kim and Kristina and my method of deconstructing language involved demonstrating my ability to be able to read words backwards. Research told me that this means that I have above average visual perception. I just thought I was a bit odd. As I was researching this topic, I found myself interested in the idea that there is infinity within what appears to be a rigid structure, and by reading backwards I was demonstrating this.

I ended up changing my mind about my area of study and began to look further into the idea of infinity. I read The Library of Babel and the ‘second chapters’ that we had to write in order to inspire another creative piece of writing, that I originally intended to be used in the performance, about the infinity that can be found within the pages of a book. I began this writing with a list of synonyms for infinity, Wes really liked this list and told me that this should become the main feature of what I was saying. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I realised that every single word that I said in my list probably resided in one of the books in the library so it made perfect sense.

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