Final performance

Performing a 24 hour piece was a difficult task and challenge. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. However with the right people and support it isn’t impossible. I found that we had a fantastic mix that aided me through the process and was able to come out on top after all the hard work put into this performance.

Initially I didn’t think I was going to be able to get through the whole performance, but as time passed I become engorged in what was going on in the library that day. As there were other performance taking place so the atmosphere was wonderful. I felt that the whole library had been transformed for the day and we were lucky enough to be able to document it. I feel that this is what got me through the day, as well as my dedicated groups members and support stuff.


Documenting a day was very interesting as when it was at its busiest there was so much to take down. You could say there was too much to write about and we were unable to get everything down with the speed it was coming at us. Therefore you could say that the documented day in the library is partly what we wanted to hear and write down. As when I had lots of information being feed though to myself I was writing what I could remember. Which naturally were the most interesting things, mainly involving other people’s gossip.


When the library wasn’t so busy we had to keep documenting what was going on. This is how we involved the books into our piece. When there wasn’t anyone speaking we would think of the first thing to come to mind, go to a computer and type that word into the library catalogue. Then afterwards you would choose the first book that came up, go and find it and find and interesting quote. This was a way of us expressing how we were feeling at that time but through the books. When doing this we were also documenting that we ourselves are in the library, thinking and feeling different things. I felt this was important as we were one of the biggest things going on within the library that day. We are looking at what everyone is doing and making sure we get down as much of it as we can, but then we’re essentially ignoring our own presence. Which defeats the object of what we are doing; as we’re not documenting ourselves, we’re neglecting our contribution to the library on that particular day.


When it came down to our final performance we weren’t able to our projection or sound. However I didn’t feel that this affected the performance, as our task in hand was to document a day in the library, and that is what we did. The projection and sound would have been a beautiful element to the performance, but I did not feel that the impact of what we were doing was lost with these two attachments. We still gave the library life just by being there, doing what we were doing and having everyone involved in one thing. Also thinking back on it I would have shown what we were doing to outside, but we were concentrating on the inside of the building. So not having the projection or sound to me made the whole experience more intimate.


I’m glad that I took part in this project; it was worth the hard work. Documenting a day wasn’t anything that I ever thought I would do. Site specific has opened my eyes and mind to a very different art form. That it’s not always necessary to have lights, stage, props, costume and characters, performance art is a way of pushing you to your limits. I felt that as a three we pushed ourselves to our limits and way beyond. This is something that I would have never normally have done, but I’m so grateful to have experienced this as I have now found a new interest for myself.

Casey Typing.

Casey Typing.

Posted: May 13th, 2013
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