The old and the new

New technology is being developed by the second; we are a fast growing country in terms of today’s technology. This being the reason why we liked the idea of using projection on the front of the library, as the building itself is fairly old I felt that the use of a projection will look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Also the words that will be written to form the heart will be the past by the date of the performance, this being the old (words) with the new (projection).


In contrast with the projections will be the typewriters. As we are walking around the library picking up current and new conversation it will be written down on the typewriters. Not only are they are old technology but we thought that they would be beautiful to use. Also the sound of the typewriters is going to make such an impact on the library. Starting to date it back to when the building was first built and the type of technology they had then. If we were to use laptops or computers it wouldn’t have the same affect on the performance and also wouldn’t give us our characterisation.


The typewriter formally dates back to 1714, with the theme of the old machine we felt it would be best to dress in an older fashion. When researching how typical secretary’s dressed the most popular search was between 1920 to 1960’s. Drawn to this style of clothing we felt that it gave us a formal character to embody but also didn’t make us stand out too much from the crowd. As our piece involves us trying to over hear people’s everyday conversation, we didn’t want to be too noticeable.


As this documentation stays on the shelf for longer the new becomes older and will start to become history. And this is why we wanted our book to be placed on one of the history shelf’s as we see it as being a day in history that people are able to look back on. People in 10, 20, 30 years time will be read about what was going on within the library on Friday 3rd May 2013. This will open people up to the fact that everyone and everything together in the library is what makes it a whole ‘being’. Without all these different elements there wouldn’t be life among the building.


The combination of the two differing forms of technology is crucial to us because bringing the library to life means that we need to bring all the different elements together as one. Within this one building, that is old in itself, there is new technology and also new people entering everyday. We felt that using opposites would be an interesting way to link and loop the components together. If we don’t do this then I don’t think the piece would work, as it will look as if we are sectioning of different components. When what we aim to do is to bring it all to one so that everything has a place as an ensemble.




Posted: May 13th, 2013
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