Les dames des livres


Les dame des livres are a group of four females looking at the way the library views religious text in comparison with fact. When it comes to the performance, we will be using a trilogy of books written by French art historian Emile Male to form dresses for three of our group members. We will be spending the first part of our performance forming the dresses, and tearing up the hundred year old books in ‘The Worth Room’ which resides in the library.

Audiences will be able to view the entire making process through multiple windows where we will be making the dresses to some traditional music, which was popular at the time the religious books are set around, the medieval ages. Once they are complete, we will be walking towards the aisles of the second floor library, where our final group member will be setting up pages that will attach us to the aisles to make it look as though we as performers are emerging from the aisles. Whilst we are being attached to the aisles, the three members wearing a dress based on religion will be destroying Darwin’s The Origin of Species in ways of torture that were found in the middle ages to show the libraries views in time on both religion and fact. Once the entire book has been destroyed through various methods, the individual will break free from the dress and leave the pile of pages behind them, giving viewers time to contemplate what had just happened.

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