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Seeing how it will go on the day..

Using the ideas of: Romanesque sculptures, sacrifice, religion, science – reveals the contradiction between science and religion.
We will be destroying copies of Darwins the Origin Of the Species as a sacrifice whilst wearing religious text.

Water             stones              pins

Remains of the 'Water Method' Taken by Kirsty Jakins 26.4.13Remains of the 'Scrubbing Method' Taken by Kirsty Jakins 26.4.13

Remains of the 'Pricking Method' Taken by Kirsty Jakins 26.4.13Remains of the 'Water Method' Taken by Kirsty Jakins 26.4.13



Word count : 38


Posted: April 22nd, 2013
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Paper installations ideas

It has been incredibly difficult to rein all my ideas into one concept for the background. I had been intrigued by Liliana Porter’s ‘Wrinkle Enviroment’,  Christo and Jeanne Claude’s Wrapped Coast and Olga Lah’s art installations involving paper.

Photo from: Artist: Olga Lah Installation: For The Land

Artist: Olga Lah Installation: For The Land

Lilliana Porter, Wrinkle Environment

I decided to combine both concepts using the technique of Porter’s sheet of paper to simplify attaching it to the shelves. I will be using books of Aristotle’s science and religious works together to form one large sheet which will cover the entire isle on one side. I will then be scoring and folding the paper from the top of the bookcases like Olga Lah’s ‘For the Land‘ installation to create a cascading organic form conveying the destruction the books are undergoing.

Photograph by Emily Cox 2013

Photograph by Emily Cox 2013

Initially I thought that I would only have paper on the metal sections of the shelves, but it would not have had as much of impact on the space. Now with the sheets of paper that I will attach, it will be layered in order to keep access to the books behind the paper. This way I will not cause any disruption to public accessing the sections we plan on occupying.

Word Count: 191

Pictures Cited

Lah, Olga. For the Land (Accessed online:

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Posted: April 22nd, 2013
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Performance dates and times

All performances will take place in The University of Lincoln Library

University of Lincoln Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS

Taking the Library Outside
Wednesday 1st May, 11am – 1pm and 4pm – 6pm
Friday 2nd May, 11am – 1pm and 4pm – 6pm

Do not read this
Wednesday 1st May, 9am – 5pm
Thursday 2nd May, 9am – 5pm
Friday 3rd May, 9am – 5pm

BABEL: Lost Words
Friday 3rd May, whole 24hours

Les dames des livres
Friday 3rd May, 9am – all day on the second floor

Thursday 2nd May, from 12 noon until 8pm on the Friday 3rd May.

The Grain Escape
Friday 3rd May 5-9pm in the Free Zone

Friday 3rd May

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How did these books get to our library in Lincoln?

Where did you come from?


Emily Cox 20131

The inside page of one of the books, (Photographed by Becky Sowter)

We found some fantastic 100 year old books for sale in the library and Becky noticed an inscription from an ‘Elizabeth Esteve-Coll’ mentioning ‘Arles, September 1974′. I did some research and found out she is a Dame an academic and former museum director. It turns out she was the previous Chancellor for the University of Lincoln so we presumed she would have given the trilogy to the Library. So we asked at the front desk if they had any information. These books were actually donated to the library but they could not tell us who by. After looking further into the place and date she had written underneath I discovered that Arles is a sacred destination for religious art and is known by many as ‘the soul of Provence2. Arles is known for its Roman and Romanesque sculptures and Vincent Van-Gough lived in Arles and produced over 300 paintings during his time there.

After reading all this information I decided that the note on the page must have been where Elizabeth bought the book from and the date. Only a few museums in the area were open during this time as many are now new builds due to Arles’ art popularity. The Calvet Museum in Avignon was a building opened in 18th Century, that now houses works from the 16th to the 20th Century. This all links to the content of the books we have from the library and is definitely the area she bought the books from. Becky has managed to find the address of Elizabeth Esteve-Coll and has asked her to reply with where she got the books from. Until then it is still a bit of a mystery.

We decided it could be interesting to use these books as the dresses, taking the Romanesque sculptures as a reason for becoming the art. I wonder where this will take us now!

Word count: 366

  1. “L’art Religieux du XIII Siecle en France etude sure l’icongraphie du moyen age et sur ses sources d’inspiration” – “Religious Art in France of the XIII Century Study of medieval iconography and its sources of inspiration” []
  2., Accessed 10/3/13 []
Posted: March 10th, 2013
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Our first dress test

Monday..  how long it would take to make a paper dress?
Using: magazines brochures text books pins tape

Natasha volunteered to be our (brave) guinea pig.


As it turns out the dress took less than one hour to put together. Once Natasha had the dress on we placed her down the middle of the first floor isle. It looked completely stunning and looked beautiful amongst the books.


Whilst Natasha was in the isle we had a man approach us and commented on what we were doing. He thought we had created an art installation, believing that Natasha looked like a statue. He said that from an artists perception he thought we were “trying to make a feminist statement” but we had the wrong choice in paper content  purely because it was about consumerism as there were adverts on the dress and ‘half price’ pictures. We explained that this was a prototype and that the context of the pages were not relevant to the piece it was merely to try out the style. He warned us about making sure the content fits what we are trying to display as he mentioned an artistic eye will pick up on the smallest of things.

I asked the librarians on duty what they thought of the piece and they believed Natasha looked incredibly regal. They thought it was all about words coming to life, and it was peaceful which is in keeping with the library.

We had such a good time doing this, and our plan for Monday is to have 3 people in the dresses so that we can have a feel for what it is like.

 Photo’s by Emily Cox 2013

Word count: 277

Posted: March 5th, 2013
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