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This video captures a really visually enticing image for the audience and to a certain extent the outward aesthetic of the piece is really important because the space we are going to work with has four huge panel windows. This means when people walk past our pop up café has to be striking and attractive to make people want to come in and see what ‘The Grain Escape’ is doing.
We as a group want people to look in the window and be shocked at the transformation and be drawn to our café.
The space we have chosen has lots of space but also lots of history attached to this empty space. I have drawn a plan of what people wanted to incorporate into our space and how we want it to look.


drawn by Charlotte Mooney on April 12th.

Contemporary performing artists, such as Lawson, increasingly choose to work either site-specifically or in less culturally coded spaces in order to fully explore the potential of their practice and to extend the boundaries of a given art form or discipline. Thus the opportunity that such a space offers (neutral only in that it declares itself to be neither exclusively a theatre space nor a gallery) enables the broader indices of practice to emerge which, as this project[1]

In the room we want there to be a clear divide between the classes so people who enter the café get a sense of the Marxist concept of ‘Them and uz’. We are going to try and achieve this by having a beautiful front of house café with beautifully decorated tables and cake displays. In contrast to the back of the café that is hidden where we will put the working class people to decorate cakes and move grain. It will be interesting to see if the middle class people have a reaction to the first class treatment and whether the working classes object to being made to work for their cakes.


In the video ‘Let us make cake’ they use a projection to give a good sense of transformation, seeing as the transformation will be extremely visible to the library users we thought it would be interesting to see the transformation of the flour from the grain into the cakes that we have baked (watch in the video below). Looking back at the footage that we collected from our weeks’ worth of cake baking you can see thought-provoking images us working like a factory conveyor belt. There is one shot in particular which is simply icing cakes Lucy is whisking icing and passing it to Steph who is icing onto the cakes and Naomi is decorating, when I was filming this section it seemed apparent to me that they had all very much fallen into a mundane routine, mimicking the monotonous tasks that the working class people in the warehouse would have to carry out.

“Baker’s ‘secrets’ are not only moments of refusal, or moments of ‘privacy in public’, they also perform spaces in which I, in the role of spectator, can bring myself into(the) ‘ play’ as I fill in her gaps with my own stories. Who then is the confessing subject here?”(Heddon)[2]

By allowing the library users to be able to see the footage of us baking cakes for  The Grain Escape it hopefully will make them feel more involved in the process and feel less like a spectator and more fully involved in the experience we will hopefully create.

[1] Jenny Lawson (Reasons for wanting to participate in the Curating Knowledge Project).

Heddon, Deirdre, (2008), Autobiography and Performancep164.

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